Baric at UNC Received “Prototype” Vaccine From Moderna Mid-December 2019

This is fairly interesting. The world did not know about Covid-19 around mid-December 2019. But Ralph Baric at UNC was already receiving the prototype for the vaccine from Moderna at that point, long before we learned about the pandemic. Fauci’s agency signed the documents in connection with this transfer. It […]

Protest March Being Organized at UNC Chapel Hill Against Dr. Baric On Saturday

Here is the plan for Saturday, March 9 I learned from those involved with the medical freedom movement: We will be meeting at 12:00 noon at the Courthouse (known as “Peace & Justice Plaza”) located at 179 E Franklin St. The march will head west down Franklin Street and turn […]

Rand Paul on Covid

Rand Paul wrote the issue of Imprimis disseminated this month. Here are a few interesting excerpts (HT: Fred): Even if the goal is preventing future pandemics, the risk-benefit ratio (associated with virus identification efforts and conducting gain-of-function research) doesn’t add up. While advocates for identifying the world’s viruses argue that […]