Alex Berenson Discusses UNC’s Ralph Baric

Berenson is not an insignificant figure. He reported for the New York Times for more than a decade; and became a frequently quoted figure during the pandemic.

He has a post at his Substack site that takes on the matter of UNC Chapel Hill’s Ralph Baric and his involvement with gain-of-function research that made coronaviruses more lethal. (HT: Fred)

At some point, the relevant authorities in the state of North Carolina are going to have to address the ethical and safety implications of Baric’s research, and whether it should continue in our state. We are allowing activities in our own backyard of a type that are demonstrated to have caused enormous harm.


4 thoughts on “Alex Berenson Discusses UNC’s Ralph Baric

  1. Baric should be removed from his position ASAP. How it can be done, I don’t ,
    know tenure etc. Unless, of course, he is charged with a crime.

  2. When the government doesn’t protect the people from the corrupt, but rather funds and protects the corrupt…

    1. Indeed, Healey. In spite of all the published information and scientific proofs, we have still seen no accountability for all the wreckage perpetrated by those responsible for the pandemic and how it was handled.

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