NC Republicans Trying To Shoot Down Medical Freedom Efforts

Tara Niebaum, Two Citizens Moms:

… Grassroots North Carolinians across the state championed and passed (Medical) Freedom Resolutions in counties from the mountains to the sea and in more than half of our fourteen districts.

In nearly every county and district, the resolutions were adopted unanimously or with very little opposition.

For the first time ever, the choir of voices who speak for the “Covid” dead, wounded, and crushed had cause to believe that the sound of Freedom would rise from the ashes, even penetrating the halls of the State Convention and the State Legislature as the resolutions were successfully adopted one after another after another.

Instead, we received word last night that the NCGOP State Resolutions Committee took the more than 13 Grassroots (Medical) Freedom Resolutions adopted and submitted to the State Committee for reconciliation and presentation at the State Convention—and gutted them.

Even worse, some of the content was intentionally inverted to AFFIRM the rights of “government” to trample the inalienable rights of free men without the consent of the governed—as long as there is a good excuse (emergency) to do so.

If you have asked yourself over the course of the last four years how it was possible that fundamental freedoms were crushed, tyrannical mandates were enforced, police forces were weaponized, and the Constitution was suspended all the while a Republican majority and now supermajority led the North Carolina General Assembly, the behavior of the NCGOP State Resolutions Committee is the peek behind the curtain.

Republican Party leadership is controlled opposition who seeks to rule rather than represent (and in collusion with North Carolina Democrats) has worked to crush the liberty and resolve of We the People.

The principles of freedom, founding documents, political discourse, the blessings of liberty, and the Truth are nothing more than carnage on the battlefield of “Covid”.

“The sacred rights of mankind are not to be rummaged for among old parchments, or musty records. They are written with a sunbeam in the whole volume of human nature, by the hand of divinity itself; and can never be erased or obscured by mortal power.” Alexander Hamilton

The resolve of We the People in reclaiming our party and restraining our government to exist and operate only by the consent of the governed under the restraint of the Constitution will be tested at the Republican State Convention next month.


2 thoughts on “NC Republicans Trying To Shoot Down Medical Freedom Efforts

    1. So many well-meaning people with excellent basis for their positions have tried to get the attention of GOP legislators and other GOP leaders. All too often, they got shot down. Apparently these GOP figures feel they must advocate for the state agencies’ position and the position of other state entities like UNC and UNC Health. Moreover, they feel they must bow before the federal government and before what they perceive to be public sentiment.

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