The Effort To Undermine Christians

Mike Slater has a great podcast discussing the topic of the war being waged on Christianity and particularly on those who embrace a biblical worldview. The guests are Eric Metaxas and Tom Ascol– a Southern Baptist pastor affiliated with the Conservative Baptist Network. A number of subtopics are discussed and overall the conversation is very good. Take a look if you are able:


2 thoughts on “The Effort To Undermine Christians

  1. We have to reaffirm what the bible and the constitution says, To do this we must be political and speak out about the Christian principals and values on which this country was founded. Don’t be ashamed of being called a Christian Nationalist.

    1. I agree, Fred. I was a bit disappointed that Metaxas seemed to be running away from the Christian nationalist label, but overall he advocates for robust advocacy for the Christian worldview to be asserted in the public square, so we are just dealing with semantics from that standpoint.

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