Reliving A Nightmare

This is a very well-produced film documentary that recalls the worst of the federal government’s handling of the pandemic with an emphasis on the suppression of early treatment. Two key villains are Janet Woodcock and Rick Bright. Take the time to watch it if you feel led to do so, but be prepared to get angry: (HT: Leon)


4 thoughts on “Reliving A Nightmare

  1. Yes, it has been a nightmare for over 4 years and I’m still learning about people who need to be held responsible. Bright and Woodcock and BARDA were exposed in this well done documentary. The sickening piano solo by Collins at the end (where he re-wrote a classic and inserted his own words obviously reflecting the giddiness on his and Fauci’s minds with the lockdowns and vax push) was disgusting!

    1. Yes, TCFan, that piano solo was outright weird, if not borderline sadistic because it appears he exults on the misery imposed on the population.

      Bright and Woodcock are two of the lesser known villains who played a critical role in what happened to us. It was infuriating to learn at the end of the video that Bright is earning in excess of $1 million per year in the “private” sector with the globalists after leaving government.

  2. TC: I took chloroquine as a chemoprophylaxis for malaria for 14 months while in Korea. We had no instance of malaria in our US Marine unit while I was there.

    The video is an indictment of medical misconduct by various actors , all of whom have profited enormously and landed on their feet despite suppressing/denying life saving treatment. The interference by these bureaucrats was criminal . Where is the accountability ?

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