Baric at UNC Received “Prototype” Vaccine From Moderna Mid-December 2019

This is fairly interesting. The world did not know about Covid-19 around mid-December 2019. But Ralph Baric at UNC was already receiving the prototype for the vaccine from Moderna at that point, long before we learned about the pandemic.

Fauci’s agency signed the documents in connection with this transfer. It is obvious some knew about the pandemic before others. It also seems likely they knew some of the specifics regarding the particular virus involved. That leads us to question whether they knew this due to intelligence; or whether it was due to deliberate attempts to create a pandemic.


8 thoughts on “Baric at UNC Received “Prototype” Vaccine From Moderna Mid-December 2019

  1. I am speculating but it could be that Baric, Moderna and Fauci all knew about the lab accidental release and planned accordingly.

    1. That would lean toward the “intelligence” explanation, Fred. But in January/February, 2020, Fauci was diminishing somewhat the severity of the potential pandemic because he was advocating against travel restrictions. It was not until March that all hell bust loose.

      That would suggest to me his agency’s actions in December were not congruent with his words in January and February. Go figure.

      Still stinks in a major way.

  2. Ralph Baric was participating in “gain of function” research at UNC during the Obama years. I believe it was 2014 when word got out concerning his research and the scientific community became vocal about its dangers. The study was then transferred to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Dr. Francis Boyle was on the, wait for it………..Alex Jones show in January of 2020 sharing this information. Im sure the interviews can be found, they are worth a listen.

    1. Thanks, Tommy. What is astonishing is that there is virtually no controversy within institutional North Carolina about Baric or his work. State government and state regulators? Not a peep from either side of the aisle. The state’s mainstream media– Not a peep.

      Yes, there had been information about Baric’s activities long before 2019. This particular revelation suggests they were quickly mobilizing to produce a vaccine in response to this particular virus that was circulating in China, long before the rest of us knew about the whole thing.

      1. That’s a great point. Where have the Republicans been in the state legislature? Where has the media been? Our tax dollars in part funded his research.

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