California, Other Blue States Undermining NC Pro-Life Laws

There was an interesting article at Breitbart this morning. Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law a bill that allows abortionists in California to mail abortion pills to women in North Carolina and in other states that have abortion restrictions. The bill would shield these abortionists from out-of-state prosecutions and law […]

Silver Linings in the Pro-Life Bill Passed by the NC General Assembly

Several days ago, we had reported here about the fact that the Republican attempt to tighten the abortion laws in North Carolina was half-hearted at best. The bill passed within the last several days. There are some good aspects to the legislation. The NC Values Coalition reports: The legislation also […]

The North Carolina Abortion “Compromise”: Before a Single Committee Hearing

The North Carolina Republicans in Raleigh trotted out this morning a group of female GOP legislators who would introduce their abortion bill. It includes a 12 week limit and also a variety of welfare state measures to “soften the blow”. They compromised before they had a single committee hearing on […]