Latest Constitution Party Campaign Ads

Stephen Broden is a black pastor from Texas. He is Randall Terry’s running mate. Together they comprise the Constitution Party’s ticket in November.

The following ads were recently released. The last specifically targets Catholics.

Biden, Kamala, and the KKK | Version 2 from Randall Terry on Vimeo.

Abortion is Worse than Slavery | Version 2 from Randall Terry on Vimeo.

The Black Community is Bamboozled | Version 2 from Randall Terry on Vimeo.

Catholics, I'm Talking To You from Randall Terry on Vimeo.

Former GOP House Majority Leader Tom DeLay of Texas has endorsed this advertising campaign.


2 thoughts on “Latest Constitution Party Campaign Ads

  1. The ads are shockingly graphic but do send a strong message on abortion. I agree that they will not hurt Trump.

    1. I also think, Fred, this pastor Broden is a good man. I had the privilege of being on a Zoom call with him and Mr. Terry a couple of months ago. It will be interesting to see to what extent they shake up things with these ads. Of course, it takes money– but Terry seems to have some ability to fundraise.

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