Greensboro Downtown Parking Garage: The Unreported Angle

We are told in the News and Record this morning that it is “about time”, according to Zack Matheny, that the February One Parking Deck is open.

What is not reported in the article? This was built by the city after prolonged attempts by the owner of the adjacent property to get city funding for this project. Who is the owner? Congressman Kathy Manning’s husband. He is planning a Westin Hotel adjacent to the garage.

The city of Greensboro had to pay off an adjacent business over $700,00 because of easement issues. That was in addition to the enormous cost of the garage itself– approximately $43 million according to the Triad Business Journal.

The city’s investments boosted prodigiously the value of the property owned by Kathy Manning’s husband; and enabled them to do more with it.

In George Orwell’s Animal Farm, everyone was equal, but some were more equal than others. That is true in the city of Greensboro also.


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