Greensboro Harris Teeter’s Beefing Up Security

There was an interesting article in the Rhino Times about the Lawndale Dr. location of Harris Teeter. This is being introduced in all the local Harris Teeter locations because of “rampant theft”. We learn that:

  • An electronic surveillance system incorporated into a wheel on shopping carts causes an alarm upon exiting the store; and
  • One or two employees are stationed at the door to respond when this happens.

The Walgreens on East Cornwallis has removed shopping carts and baskets from its store because of the same issue, according to the article.

It has not been unusual during recent years to learn of retail locations in west coast cities closing because of rampant crime. But the issue really was that the local units of government had been refusing to police appropriately and prosecute criminals. Combine that with a culture that rejects Jesus Christ, and you have a virtual hornet’s nest.

We have a similar situation here in Greensboro, although perhaps not quite as severe.

Harris Teeter’s actions ought to be a major warning sign for local citizens. The problem they are trying to correct would have been unthinkable twenty years ago. When you have “rampant theft” that causes extreme measures by retailers, that ought to spur corrective action.


4 thoughts on “Greensboro Harris Teeter’s Beefing Up Security

  1. Good for Harris Teeter. The honest law abiding customers pay for merchandise lost to retail theft.

    1. I agree, Fred, that this is the right move for Harris Teeter to make. As the corrosive effects of cultural Marxism and the move away from Christianity both wreak havoc around us, we all have to make moves to protect ourselves.

  2. We had to take similar measures at our business. You have to be let in now by an associate rather than just walk in. Sad day in our country when you have to be on your guard constantly. Thank you, Mayor Vaughn!! 😡

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