2 thoughts on “Misrepresenting Biden’s Mental Capabilities

  1. Well folks, there you have it. The naked, unvarnished truth. I say let Biden run because he won’t win and the down ballot GOP candidates may get a boost from a Trump landslide . Jus’ saying.

    1. I agree, Fred, the best of all worlds for Trump and the GOP is for Biden to run. The flip side is that it is bad for the country for him to continue to hold office– although Kamala would be just as bad, or worse.

      If he were to be removed as the nominee, there are two possibilities.

      Removal BEFORE the convention would lead to a free-for-all and an open convention, presumably.

      I have seen one interpretation that they might give him the nomination and then have him relinquish it AFTER the convention. That would allow the DNC bigwigs to choose who the nominee would be.

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