“It’s All Obama”

Wayne Allyn Root takes a look at much of what has happened over the last five years and concludes Obama is the force behind all of it.

Every statement in his article might not necessarily be accurate. But I think the overall thrust and thesis are true.

Addendum: Fred offers the following image in conjunction with his comment:


5 thoughts on ““It’s All Obama”

  1. Without a doubt Barrack Hussein Obama is the moving force in the Biden Administration . His key players are scattered throughout the White House in important policy jobs. He should have never elected it the truth were known.

  2. I don’t necessarily disagree with Root. But I would point out that the skids were greased for Obama all along the way. There was no struggle at all to his ascent. Who was behind that?

    Not knowing who our chief tyrant is…is a new phenomenon.

    But also outside my circumference of understanding is the desire to suicide the country in order to turn it Communist &/or to rule? The decision-makers are that evil and that sure they’ll be spared the results of the chaos?

    1. The wealthy Jewish Pritzker family in Chicago was behind Obama’s ascent, Healey– and they are part of the democratic socialist establishment. Others within that establishment quickly acceded; and it is also alleged the Deep State was behind him also.

      The Cloward-Piven strategy of suiciding the country to facilitate Marxist change is based on an understanding of what happens when political crisis arises. The tendency is toward MORE government in those circumstances, not less. Argentina is an exception to the rule, and Milei’s ascent only occurred because Marxism had been tried for many years and failed.

      You are right that the decision makers might get caught in the crossfire, but I suspect they feel confident they will be part of the ruling class.

      1. Suiciding China worked for Mao, but what a dark image of “success” to inspire you.

        After 100 years of collectivism, Argentina seems kind of like an example of “people usually do the right thing…after they have exhausted every other possibility.”

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