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  1. ‘Bleep You! Bleep America!’ Bleep Norfolk

    By Howie Carr
    May 15,2024

    The annual Norfolk Town Meeting starts tonight at 7 p.m. at the King Phillip Middle School.

    What do you suppose the number-one topic of conversation is going to be – at least before the meeting starts, because no taxpaying American citizens are ever supposed to complain about the foreign freeloader flophouses decimating the Commonwealth.

    And now the Town of Norfolk is getting one. Serves ‘em right for electing a Republican state rep all these years!

    State Rep. Marcus Vaughn got the heads up that his district was next up Friday night. Ever since, he’s been calling the administration and its coatholders.

    “Nothing,” he was saying yesterday afternoon. “Since then no communication.” (He did learn late yesterday he finally as a meeting this afternoon.)

    That’s their m.o. when it comes to all these 70-plus flophouses. They’ve reverted to the old James Michael Curley aphorism:

    Never complain, never explain.

    Well, they do complain. It’s all Trump’s fault. Stop me if you’ve heard this before.

    It’s not just Norfolk that’s going to be destabilized by the sudden arrival of 450 illegal aliens who don’t speak English, don’t work, mostly feel entitled and have absolutely no regard for any American laws, even the ones that are supposed to protect children.

    Norfolk shares a regional middle and high schools with Plainville and Wrentham. Those towns’ property values are about to take a dip as well as the schools are deluged with non-English speaking students.

    Plus, the closed jail-turned-flophouse is located on the Walpole town line. So Walpole is also going to have its first responders overwhelmed answering endless both frivolous and criminal 911 calls.

    Since the state won’t explain what’s going to happen, let me fill Norfolk and environs in on what’s in store for them.

    I hear from people who are familiar with these “shelters” – shelters from law and order, rules, responsibility and work, among other things – and it’s not a pretty picture that they paint.

    The illegals are going to have cars. Even if you don’t work, if you have zero expenses and you get at least one, maybe more welfare handouts, it’s easy to come up with the money to buy a vehicle.

    Insurance? Not so much. Drivers’ licenses? Who needs ‘em?

    The illegals are going to be hitting the vehicles belonging to Rep. Vaughn’s constituents. Think hit and run.

    At what were once the motels, microwave ovens were prohibited – for obvious reasons. Their presence violates local fire codes.

    But rules are for Americans, not for “migrants.” Fire departments come in and demand that the microwaves be removed. The “migrants” start screaming. They say the hotel staff “stole” them. And that the Americans are… racist.

    Sometimes flophouse management compromises by allowing microwaves in the common food area. Being unfamiliar with First World technology, sometimes they put aluminum foil in the microwaves. When staff intervenes before an explosion and fire, the undocumented Democrat calls 911 and says she’s being abused.
    At the hotels, sometimes the staff is physically assaulted. Anger management is a big problem in the Third World.

    No one wants to work at a place where criminals get everything for free and then treat the people taking care of them, literally, like bleep.

    You know who the angriest staffers are at these former motels? The housekeeping staff, many of whom are… legal aliens.

    Some places have weekly meetings with the… clients. It can get very dicey. There are no Roberts’s Rules of Order in Port au Prince. What Barbecue says, goes, and he’s got the cannibals to back him up.

    According to my sources, some of the illegals have managed a few rudimentary English phrases:

    “Bleep you!… Bleep America!”

    The first responders in Norfolk and Walpole are going to have to get used to multiple 911 calls followed by hang ups. Often from young children.

    In Norfolk, the phone may ping to the prison, but if it’s from a foreign cell number the cops won’t be able to trace it. They go door to door looking for the caller, because if they don’t and something happens, their indifference will be blamed on… racism.
    And if they do go knocking door to door, all the illegals can then claim… racism.

    Even if the law could figure out who’s making all the 911 calls, they still wouldn’t be able to write citations because the illegals are above the law. Even the rapists. They can abuse young kids and not get arrested, and then the Democrat district attorney can claim she can’t say anything because no one’s been charged… because she won’t charge them.

    Professional courtesy.

    And if it gets too dicey, the Democrats just move ‘em to another flophouse… in a different county.

    In the ever-increasing number of Massachusetts towns that are being wrecked, er, fundamentally transformed, some public-school teachers are beginning to flee. Again, the illegals don’t speak English – and why should they learn, since absolutely everything is provided for them by the gringos?

    The only thing the teachers are looking for in their new towns are… no flophouses.

    Bottom line: I don’t know why the towns of Norfolk, Wrentham, Plainville, Walpole and the surrounding areas are so worked up. Elections have consequences. Catastrophic elections have catastrophic consequences.

    In Norfolk, the town moderator has said he doesn’t want any talk about this… fundamental transformation at the annual Town Meeting tonight.

    “The select board is trying to schedule a meeting for 5 p.m.,” Vaughn said, “but I don’t know where it’s going to be held.”

    When I tweeted out Rep. Vaughn’s warning letter to his constituents Saturday morning about the “shelter,” somebody tweeted back at me:

    “I was thinking of putting in an offer on a house in Norfolk last weekend. Boy, am I glad now I didn’t.”

    Nero fiddled while Rome burned. As Massachusetts burns, Gov. Maura Healey goes to Rome. Why should she worry? There aren’t any flophouses in her this-year’s-hometown of Arlington.

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