What Explains Trump’s Blind Spot on the Covid Vaccines and His “RINO” Endorsements?

Tom Renz was a fairly considerable figure who spoke out effectively during the Covid pandemic. He discusses at length one key Trump aide– Susie Wiles– who he states leads his PAC and who also acts as his scheduler, thereby controlling his appointments.

He says she is part of the consultant class and is part of Omnicom– a massive marketing agency tightly connected to the uniparty, Mitch McConnell’s fundraising arm, the globalists and Big Pharma. They are also up to their necks in DEI, the trans movement and open borders:


6 thoughts on “What Explains Trump’s Blind Spot on the Covid Vaccines and His “RINO” Endorsements?

  1. I agree with most of what Renz had to say . Seriously how could Wiles pass a full field background investigation . And how can this information about her not be given to trump ?

    Following Trump’s inauguration, her daughter Caroline Wiles was hired by the White House as deputy assistant to the president and director of scheduling. The Washington Post noted that Caroline Wiles had an “unusual background for a senior White House official”, noting that her sole educational qualification was an incomplete degree from Flagler College.

    A further investigation revealed that the younger Wiles had legal issues stemming from driving while intoxicated in both 2005 and 2007. Caroline Wiles ultimately left the White House in February 2017 after failing a background check by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

    1. I did not know about her daughter, Fred (nor did I know much of anything about Caroline, either). There is obviously much that happens to which we are not privy. But if Renz is anywhere remotely close to the truth, this all raises much concern, and as you say, Trump needs to be brought up to speed somehow.

  2. Trump has numerous virtues (resilience most especially), but he’s not smart enough to fix this country. His recent endorsement of the $100 billion funding of Eastern Hemisphere wars (& domestic graph) is consistent with his stupidity re the Plandemic and the fake vax. And the plethora of horrible appointments from Michael Cohen to Christopher Wray.

    I think Renz is onto something (though mighty leisurely about it).

    The ruling class has it sewn up by having designated the flawed Trump as the only way to vote against them.

    1. I don’t disagree with you Healey, although I don’t think there is any one person who can fix this country, particularly at this point. It is going to take divine intervention to fix it.

      I saw an analysis this morning that the country will likely default on its debt by 2027. Among all the other critical issues being discussed, that one is hardly even being mentioned.

      1. They won’t honestly default. They’ll never do anything in the honest manner. They’ll print away the value of the debt owed as long as they can. My guess when the material hits the fan is a bit later than 2027. I think that during the recession after the next one, they’ll have to print in earnest to fund SS/Medicare, which will provoke foreigners to sell US debt willy-nilly. That’s when the fact of US bankruptcy will be impossible to conceal. Maybe between 2027-30 as my best guess.

        Triad, I apologize for having such curmudgeonly, pessimistic views. I appreciate your efforts to spread good information. The more informed people there are, the better the chances of maintaining some degree of freedom.

        1. No need to apologize, Healey– I appreciate your point of view and your commenting. One of the theories is that war is used to overcome debt problems. Perhaps that explains why Biden and his crowd are so eager to set up a WWIII scenario.

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