Chemtrails and the Climate Scam

The state of Tennessee passed legislation prohibiting the expulsion of “chemtrails” in the sky within its state’s territory. Some organizations envision using “chemtrails” to block the sun’s light and its heat in part to remedy climate change. (HT: TS)

The absurdity of this kind of plan is self-evident; but the desire to implement it exists nonetheless. It is not a “conspiracy theory” because Tennessee and other states have begun to take action to prevent it.

This is one piece of evidence that testifies to the wreckage the climate agenda promises to create.

A documentary film was released this week that debunks the claims made by climate activists, and that exposes their agenda. The final ten minutes of the film is quite interesting because it highlights the impacts of this movement on underdeveloped parts of Africa and on blue collar workers. One commenter in the film describes the “ethical ruthlessness and depravity” of those pushing this agenda.

The film is quite good overall, so take a look: (HT: Fred)

Climate The Movie from Martin Durkin on Vimeo.


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  1. You will have nothing and be happy. Eat bugs ! The green agenda is a gigantic fraud,

  2. Dane Wigington at geoengineering has a lot of information concerning this topic.
    These people are crazy….

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