One Reason They Hate Putin/ Russia

Yesterday, there was a major terrorist attack outside of Moscow. While the initial impulse might be to blame Islamic terrorists, Russia is beginning to make the case that this attack originated in Ukraine. And if it originated in Ukraine, it was likely a NATO/ European Union operation.

Much has been said and written about why the globalist elites hate Putin and Russia. There are likely at least several dynamics. But at least one of these entails their resistance to the LGBTQ zeitgeist.

Here are a couple of recent examples.

First, Putin communicated in a recent address to LGBTQ individuals, “Don’t touch the children”.

Second, a couple of gay bar managers were arrested for spreading LGBTQ propaganda.

Some of us might wish American leaders would do these things. But there is little chance that would happen given the level of ethical corruption within the leadership class of both major parties– executive, legislative and judicial.


4 thoughts on “One Reason They Hate Putin/ Russia

  1. Yes. The establishment will tolerate almost any sort of depravity. Shame on us,

    1. Yes, shame on us, Fred, but ironically, one of the reasons the acceptance and dissemination of depravity is a problem is because of the SHAMELESSNESS of those pushing it. They are without shame.

    2. Fred, we aren’t “The establishment” though, are we? “Shame on us” implies we don’t live in a corrupt oligarchy fully supported by the regime media. Let’s keep on doing what we can on the fringe, but there is no shame in trying to survive in the oligarchy. In fact, it is critical that we do.

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