Consider the Implications of What You Are Proposing

Senator John Kennedy conducts yet another brilliant interrogation. The subject this time is a mind full of mush who advocates reducing carbon and implementing green energy. The problem is that the congressional Republicans– a group of which Kennedy is part– fund Biden’s climate agenda when they pass his spending bills:


6 thoughts on “Consider the Implications of What You Are Proposing

  1. The Chinese don’t care about “Global Warming”…because they already have communism.

    1. Healey, the young man being cross-examined is a high-profile athlete, but he also appears to be a neo-Marxist. I agree with you that the enthusiasm for fixing climate change and instituting green energy is a Marxist push. It is an effort to take down our prosperity to a baseline level; to reduce the nation’s economic power and independence; and to reduce our freedom. That creates conditions that are fertile for continuing to force more Marxism upon us.

  2. Climate The Movie, directed by Martin Durkin, features a number of the world’s leading experts on “climate change.” It does a good job of laying out some of the basic data that show the scientific falsity of global warming hysteria. If you have been following the issue, most of this material will not be new to you. But the film goes on from there to expose the evil motives behind “green” dogma, and the evil consequences of climate bullying. By the time the film is over, you should be not only better informed, but angry.

    Here is the film if you are interested:

  3. Bonus: ” Offshore wind is possibly the stupidest way to generate electricity that has ever been devised. Someone should do the math, but I suspect it would make more sense to hire 10,000 men to walk on a treadmill. And liberals don’t clean up their own messes. There are already rotting hulks of wind turbines littering the landscape, often having been installed by now-defunct companies whose owners, long gone, have made off with the profits. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the billionaires who have gotten rich on government-mandated wind turbines to take down and dispose of offshore installations that have outlived their insanely brief useful lives. “Green” energy is, in multiple ways, the great scandal of our time.”

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