Climate Agenda To Kill 4-6 Billion?

The world’s population is approximately 8 billion people.

An article at The Expose’ quotes a couple of thinkers– a statistician and an economist– who project that 4-6 billion of those people will die with full implementation of the climate agenda.

We have to be very careful with these types of estimates. We experienced how wrong they can be with the initial Covid panic.

However, think about what the climate cultists want to do. Eliminate fossil fuels that heat people’s homes thereby increasing the potential for exposure to deadly cold, particularly in far northern regions that experience this type of cold with regularity. Reduce the use of agricultural land thereby producing much less food. Reduce the production of chemical fertilizers that rely on carbon based fuels, also resulting in less food production. Give folks less access to potable water because that often also relies on fossil fuels in various ways to make this water available and accessible. Drinking water and sanitary sewer systems both keep people alive.

It is all insanity.

If these zealots achieve their designs, many people will die prematurely. There is little doubt about that.


2 thoughts on “Climate Agenda To Kill 4-6 Billion?

  1. Insanity.. Yes. These estimates are tricky but take for example what happened in Sri Lanka:

    Excerpt from WSJ editorial :

    Sri Lanka’s Green New Deal Was a Human Disaster

    An ill-advised national experiment in organic farming yielded starvation, poverty and political chaos.

    “The Green Revolution of Norman Borlaug, the American agronomist who did more to feed the world than any man before or since, set Sri Lanka on the path to agricultural abundance in 1970. It was built around chemical fertilizers and crops bred to be disease-resistant. Fifty-two years later, Sri Lanka has pulled off a revolution that is “antigreen” in the modern sense, toppling its president, Gotabaya Rajapaksa. In an uprising that has its roots in Mr. Rajapaksa’s imperious decision to impose organic farming on the entire country—which led to widespread hunger after the agricultural economy collapsed—Sri Lanka’s people have wrought the first contra-organic national uprising in history.”

    Freezing to death in the dark is not a pleasant thought.

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