6 thoughts on “Our Color Revolution: Is There A Way Out?

  1. In my case Beck is preaching to the choir.

    “Known as “Chainsaw Man”, “El Loco” and “The Wig”, Argentina’s new far-right president is a controversial economist that’s often compared to Donald Trump. And he’s promised to slash government, kill the central bank and ditch the national currency.

    So, who is Javier Milei? How did the self-described libertarian manage to win? And what does his presidency mean for Argentina’s devastating economic crisis? ”

    Buenos Aires-based freelance journalist Natalie Alcoba explains in podcast below:.


    1. Thanks, Fred. I have been reading that he is already backtracking on some of his promises. But in terms of how he describes the left in the video I posted, I think he is quite accurate. He is right about much of what he discusses even though he uses crude language.

      And yes, he is a mess otherwise.

  2. I hope he succeeds, Fred. He is walking into a pretty desperate situation, and things are not going to be pretty in the near-to-mid-term future regardless of what he does, and regardless of what he is able to accomplish.

  3. Yes, Tommy. He is describing a massive breakdown of the institutions that previously had been trusted as a major part of the left’s strategy to achieve Marxist domination. The sense of chaos and disorder and injustice accordingly emerges. And what arises from that?

    This is one picture of cultural Marxism, which is multifaceted.

    One comment he makes that rings true is that the left always wins– regardless of how wrong they are, regardless of how harmful their approaches have been, regardless of how illegal their approaches have been. He is absolutely right about that. But that is partially because the left has no political opposition.

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