Ralph Baric Recognized Once Again

Ralph Baric at UNC-Chapel Hill is the researcher who has been the target of multiple investigations because he was involved in the type of gain-of-function research that created the Covid-19 virus; and that led to the development of the harmful Covid vaccines.

He has won awards for his research efforts previously because of the mistaken belief that the Covid vaccines were a magic bullet. Now, his work has been cited once again.

The world continues to be backwards. Wrong is right; down is up; evil is good; harmful and ineffective are helpful.


4 thoughts on “Ralph Baric Recognized Once Again

  1. There obviously needs to be a dramatic correction and accountability instead of prestigious awards.

    Below is a YouTube presentation by Dr. Baric in February 2020 .


    The video of his February 2020 Congressional talk shows that Dr. Baric did not share details of his DARPA grant application (which some since have called a recipe for the COVID-19 virus), nor did he even mention his “humanized” lab mouse, designed for pandemic testing.

    Why wouldn’t Dr. Baric share his work and his proposed work with these dangerous viruses, especially with the Wuhan connection to the emerging pandemic virus?

    Perhaps, without U.S. DOD funding, Wuhan’s lab made its own bat stew and bat vaccine and tested it or sprayed it, and something went horribly wrong, leading to the emerging pandemic virus.

    That would not be Dr. Baric’s fault, right?

    Whatever his reason, Dr. Baric did not mention his own or Dr. Shi’s, or their collaborative work with those viruses. Not. A. Peep.

    It would have been honorable for Dr. Ralph Baric to share that day what he actually knew was going on in the field of bat coronavirus research, including research that he’d done on pandemic pathogens, and some of the secret origins conversations he was privy to with NIAID’s Dr. Anthony Fauci and NIH’s Dr. Francis Collins.

    The fact is, he did not share.

    Maybe Dr. Baric is read into classified information, information that is not available to the American public, and he couldn’t or was forbidden by law, to discuss more about what he knew. Maybe that explains his omissions that day.

    But Dr. Baric sure left the impression, you can watch it yourself, that he had a working cure for an emerging pandemic—the Remdesivir he’d helped develop (see minutes 35, 52, 53, 59, and 1:01)—and that those Wuhan folks eat bats in their delicacy dishes and that’s probably why they got sick.

    Why did he say those things and not say so much else that he knew in his talk entitled, “What We Know about the Coronavirus”?

    For now, we can only wonder.

    Two years out, there’s a lot we still don’t know.

    Perhaps Dr. Baric could host another Congressional briefing?

    Perhaps this time, he can tell the world what he really knows.

    1. Great post, Fred. Thanks for the work you put into it.

      What I find exasperating is the fact that the Triangle-based media/left complex continues to act as if nothing has been wrong with Baric’s work, and in fact, as if his work was exemplary and valuable. And they accuse us of disinformation!

  2. “The world continues to be backwards. Wrong is right; down is up; evil is good; harmful and ineffective are helpful.”

    Orwell’s world. The next time I hear someone say, “our democracy”, I might throw up.

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