North Carolina’s Descent on Freedom

The Daily Haymaker has a good post that demonstrates the state of North Carolina has relinquished many of the gains we had made on state taxes after Republicans took control of the General Assembly a dozen years ago. There was some initial improvement in tax conditions; but that has been given back in various ways since the initial reforms.

Other sore points?

  • Government spending above the national average.
  • The major requirements in our state for renewable energy in our electric grid.
  • Regulations on insurers selling car and homeowners’ insurance.
  • A failure to limit eminent domain prerogatives for state and local government.
  • Certificate of need requirements for medical facilities.
  • A price gouging law and a minimum mark-up for the sale of gasoline.

2 thoughts on “North Carolina’s Descent on Freedom

  1. Especially if you live in Greensboro. ( and Guilford County ) Mr Tax and Spend Skip Alston is now in charge and expect a tax increase soon. Greensboro is contemplating an additional tax of on restaurant food and drink.

    I escaped the Peoples Republic of Greensboro and now live in Virginia. Don’t miss the ‘Boro at all. (-:

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