Invasion of Lampedusa, Italy

Lampedusa is an island that, strictly speaking, is part of Sicily. However, it sits in the Mediterranean Sea almost halfway between Sicily and the African nations of Tunisa and Libya. It has long been a place where “migrants” from Africa arrive by boat to enter Italy or other European Union counties.

Yesterday, 120 boats arrived carrying 6,000-7,000 migrants arrived at Lampedusa. That is much more than had been the case previously.

The European Union– just like the United States– has lost its resolve to preserve its culture and its patrimony. It will be much more difficult for Christians as mass migration persists. We are watching civilizational suicide in slow motion:


4 thoughts on “Invasion of Lampedusa, Italy

  1. I have been to Sicily but not Lampedusa. I hear that some of this horde are being transported to Sicily. Lampedusa has onlt 6,000 permanent residents and they need help ASAP.

    Meloni needs to act swiftly and send these immigrants back to Tunisia.

    Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini decried a lack of support from fellow EU members, calling the arrivals “an act of war” and “the death of Europe”.

  2. Sept. 20, 2023

    Wall Street Silver

    In the past 24 hours 20 more boats have arrived.
    Total over over 18,000! More boats are underway towards Lampedusa, Italy.

    The local population of the island is 6,000 and is now outnumbered by 3 to 1. Areas of the island are now blocked off and controlled by various ethnic groups.

    The United Nations and European Union want to resettle them on the mainland. Why not send them back to their home countries?

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