NC Senate Passing Summerfield De-Annexation

The News and Record reports that the NC Senate is in the process of de-annexing David Couch’s property from the town of Summerfield.

There is a crossover deadline after which new bills cannot pass the General Assembly. That deadline had long since passed. To avoid the issue of crossover deadlines, it appears Phil Berger added this measure to another bill that had been filed back in January. There is a flurry of other de-annexations across the state.

It appears that money talks.

This sends a clear message to the people of the state of North Carolina. If you desire to live in reasonably close proximity to a metropolitan area, there is no jurisdiction that you can seek that will be a refuge where you can escape the crime and taxes and degeneracy and identity politics that reign supreme in the urban centers. It is coming after you.

The people of Summerfield have a legitimate grievance against the Republicans in the North Carolina Senate.

When the GOP took control of the state legislature with the 2010 elections, the NC Senate was a strong conservative bulwark. It is now a progressive, establishment Republican stronghold. There was not a single Republican “no” vote. Gladys Robinson, to her credit, voted against the bill.

It is all very sad to watch. Can we presume this will also pass the House?


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