North Carolina Antifa Member Indicted As Part of RICO Case

Recall the Antifa attack on the police facility outside Atlanta. The state Attorney General in Georgia has brought a RICO case against 61 Antifa members in connection with that attack.

Among those indicted is James Lee Marsicano– a young man from Charlotte, NC.

Carolina Journal reported that James has been a law student at the UNC law school. He (she?) has been described as being transgender.

James comes from a wealthy, influential family. His father, Michael Marsicano, has been a board member at Duke University. The elder Marsicano is also reported to have led a “racial equity” initiative in Charlotte.

Antifa represents itself as being in opposition to fascism. This is, however, a smokescreen. Instead, Antifa was started in Europe by a communist; and is used to instigate violence and disorder in order to create ideal conditions for the adoption of communism. The United States has been attacked by Antifa during recent years in numerous locations.

Antifa is but one of many Marxist organizations that have been active in the state of North Carolina. We learned of numerous others when historical monuments were being attacked; and when the BLM riots of 2020 took place.


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