Dying NC Man’s Appeal for Medicaid– Miraculously Publicized– Based on Covetousness

WRAL published an advocacy news article within the last couple of days. While the Raleigh Republicans have passed Medicaid reform, it requires passing the state budget. Because passage of the state budget is delayed, it also delays people getting on Medicaid.

WRAL found a gentleman who is represented to be dying and in need of a life-saving surgery. It is further represented he does not have time to wait.

The surgery he needs will apparently cost $100,000. In fact, such inflated costs are the legacy of many decades of governmental intervention in the health care marketplace. It is interesting that the passage of Obamacare more than 10 years ago did not prevent this gentleman’s predicament.

But it is even more interesting to imagine how such a story lands in the lap of this media organization, and how they decide to run with it. How much behind-the-scenes political coordination led to this article being published? After all, the vast majority of mainstream media is socialist-aligned.

This gentleman is in a desperate, unfortunate situation if we believe what is represented about him. We do not know the circumstances that led to him being in this situation.

However, the unstated premise of this article is that he has a legitimate claim– an entitlement– to other people’s money. This is what is described in the Ten Commandments as covetousness. He is coveting other people’s property; and making it seem their property (i.e., their resources) must be taken away from them by government and given to him. This is what WRAL is pushing– covetousness.

We have discussed here previously the Republicans’ cave on Medicaid expansion. The fact that WRAL published this story is a sordid tale and a political effort– repeated many times over many years in various ways by the mainstream media.


2 thoughts on “Dying NC Man’s Appeal for Medicaid– Miraculously Publicized– Based on Covetousness

  1. Why couldn’t sleuths at WRAL find brooks’ physicians to back up his claim of urgency ? Just curious.

    1. Your point is well taken, Fred, that we can’t verify the validity of the allegation he makes. But even if it were true, the situation stinks from the standpoint of the covetousness and the media activism.

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