The Tucker Interview Regarding Barack Obama

Last night, Tucker Carlsen posted a video interview with Larry Sinclair– the gentleman who has alleged a brief sexual relationship with Barack Obama over twenty years ago. I am not posting the video here because it is very dark; and because Sinclair– a South Carolina native– has an unrepentant attitude. For those who wish to view it, the video is found here.

While Sinclair certainly is not an admirable person, he is very credible for the most part. He describes two sexual encounters with Obama, but also discloses that Obama used cocaine in his presence.

A gentleman named Don Young is discussed. This person was the choir director at Obama’s Chicago “church” who was murdered during the run-up to the presidential election. The video discloses that Young had been very close with Obama. I think Sinclair’s conclusion that Young was killed to protect Obama’s presidential ambitions, while possible, is not supported with any evidence. He could have been killed because of other factors– for instance, a drug deal gone bad. However, the timing was very suspicious.

The clear implications of the video are that Obama lied to the American people about who he truly was; and he did not disclose critical elements of his recent past when he ran for high office. He was presented to the American people as an upright “family man”, but he clearly was not. He also represented that he opposed gay marriage; but in fact, that position was later discarded.

It makes me think about how many Christians naively voted for Obama. While the Republicans certainly did not offer solid alternatives during the 2008 or 2012 races, Obama was still a terrible choice. Anyone who did their homework should have known that.


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  1. I recall with some clarity Sinclair’s allegations when they first became public in 2008. Prior to commenting today I went back and watched Sinclair’s appearance at the National press club where he took reporters questions. I found him to be credible back then and I haven’t changed that opinion. The media broomed his story. There were lots of details that could have been investigated and located which would have supported Sinclair’s version but no one bothered.

    1. Of course, Fred, one of the key aspects of media bias is the fact that many newsworthy stories don’t get reported. We have MANY examples during recent days.

      The Sinclair interview was fascinating, of course. But unapologetically dark.

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