9 thoughts on “The Immediate Impulse To Take People’s Land Is the Tip-Off

  1. Tommy, I know you are being sarcastic, and have seen a number of interpretations, but this is not a good look regardless. (You might have seen that it has been alleged there was a directed energy weapon.)

    Fred, in response to your question, it is possible the answer might be BOTH– elements of incompetence AND a deliberate plan. I am not sure I understand what happened completely.

    1. Couple things, TC.

      1- I don’t think a DEW is out of the question. It’s no secret that these weapons are out there. Government contractors such as Lockheed Martin have developed them. Quick google search would confirm.
      2- Problem, Reaction, Solution is an old tactic that is till alive and well today. No controlled burns to prevent wildfires is certainly making conditions right for a problem.
      3- the energy company being controlled by Blackrock and Vanguard as majority shareholders, is somewhat troubling.
      4- the two prior mentioned heavy hitters would gain more power/control. I’m thinking ESG and “sustainable development”.
      5- the Governors comments about seizing control of the land somewhat confirms #4 isn’t a far fetched theory.

      I could go on….not cutting off electricity, shutting off water supply, cops “following orders” by not letting resident flee. It all sorta stinks.

      1. I understand that videos can be falsified. But I remember seeing a video a couple of days ago that appeared to show a very thick beam of white light vertically (much wider than a laser beam) extending from the sky to the ground, and fire at ground level. This was purporting to demonstrate what happened. And I think about Biden a couple of days later sending F-16’s to Ukraine. Could this have been an attack? Again, the video might have been fake.

        But all of your listed comments are on target. If we checked, I would bet that other utilities are controlled by Blackrock and Vanguard also.

        But this all makes me hope and pray this was just a series of massive errors.

    1. That is part of the story, Fred. I have also read repeatedly that certain grasses proliferated while the Hawaiian government (and/or the US government if federal lands were involved) neglected to maintain the natural areas such that fires could not spread rapidly.

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