Great Interview on Christian Nationalism

We have discussed and featured Stephen Wolfe here before. This is another interview that highlights his point of view very well. He lives in central North Carolina; and even speaks about Mayberry and the old Andy Griffith Show as it relates to his subject. Wolfe highlights how the accelerating moral depravity and the prevailing civic culture of paganism require we do something different. The interviewer also delivers a solid introduction:


2 thoughts on “Great Interview on Christian Nationalism

  1. I believe that we still are a Christian Nation. There is a lot of sinful debauchery in our society and culture today but I have faith that God will help us pave the way back to basic morality.

    I liked the short discussion of Antony Oliver’s “Rich Men North of Richmond “.

  2. I hope you are right, Fred, that God will pave our way back. That would be merciful on His part, but I think it requires some cooperation on the part of the American people because He has shown what the outcome is when people are not faithful.

    Oliver is apparently from somewhere in Virginia, and they consider the James River the dividing line…

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