Powerful Testimony on Gender-Affirming Care

This testimony in Congress took place two weeks ago. It exposes all the fallacies behind the decisions to use medical and surgical means to change the gender of troubled minors. This young woman needed God at a critical point in her life, and some compassionate counseling, but instead she had her breasts chopped off:


2 thoughts on “Powerful Testimony on Gender-Affirming Care

  1. What a sad story. There are many more just like Chloe’s.

    For the vast majority of children—80 to 90%—gender dysphoria is short-term, and they will eventually desist from identifying as the opposite sex if allowed to go through puberty. But when schools adopt a so-called gender support plan, they actively steer that child away from reconciling with their biological sex.

    Gender transition is a perilous path with highly unpredictable effects on mental and physical health, suicidality, and life expectancy.”

    Parents are going to court to protect children from a radical ideology that can destroy their minds and bodies. Lawmakers can, and should, also put parents back in the driver’s seat. They can require schools to notify parents if their child is struggling with their gender identity and prohibit schools from engaging in unauthorized treatment of a student’s mental health. Doing so would put schools on notice that they cannot deceive parents about significant issues like a student’s confusion over gender identity.

    1. I agree, Fred– and well stated on your part.

      The people instigating this in the popular culture and the schools and in the health care industry are inflicting moral injury on the entire population.

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