Dreaded “White Nationalist” in Triad: The Speck in Their Neighbor’s Eye

Triad City Beat has a story about a young man from Winston-Salem who used to work for the Guilford County Sheriff’s office and who has also been associated with the North Carolina National Guard. This young man, age 34, has had some dalliances with Naziism and the Klan. In addition, he has embraced the dreaded “white nationalist” movement.

The overall tone of this article is that this young man is extremely dangerous and that he ought not be affiliated with law enforcement or the military.

This young man is doubtless a bit troubled and confused. And he likely does not understand that Joe Biden has given us a certain brand of fascism albeit a bit different than that which he seeks.

But this young man– and the “white nationalist” movement– are not nearly as dangerous, widespread or prevalent as the various communist, Marxist and neo-Marxist organizations and individuals stirring up trouble here in North Carolina and nationwide. These organizations are too numerous to list. But they were heavily involved in the agitation to remove Confederate monuments and other historical monuments. And they were also involved in the George Floyd-related rioting, unrest and destruction.

These organizations have done real damage and engaged in real violence– here in North Carolina and widespread around the country.

My response to the Triad City Beat article and what they were trying to achieve? Something akin to noticing the speck in their neighbor’s eye while ignoring the beam in their own.


4 thoughts on “Dreaded “White Nationalist” in Triad: The Speck in Their Neighbor’s Eye

  1. TC: Woodall is a harmless befuddled individual exercising his 1st and 2nd amendment rights. Yes you are correct to point out the violent left groups that have done more than talk violence .. they have carried it out. Perhaps Jordan Green should profile some of those groups or individuals.

    I have a theory and it is only speculation but Woodall is perhaps an FBI informant trying to entrap folks into some sinister plot , say like kidnap the Governor.

    1. Your last point, Fred, is always a distinct possibility based on recent history. And yes, this article was vastly overblown by Green and the folks at Triad City Beat when one considers the evil, violent radical leftists on their own side.

  2. This man is accused of no crime or wrongdoing; there appears to be no reason for the “news” article other than a political attack of someone who fails to hold progressive/left views.

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