Speaker Moore’s Adultery Lawsuit

There was a stunning revelation over the weekend.

NC House Speaker Tim Moore– the Republicans’ legislative leader in Raleigh– is the target of a lawsuit based on “alienation of affection”. Accounts are found here and here.

The lawsuit alleges that Moore has recently been a participant in an extramarital affair.

North Carolina’s Alienation of Affection statute allows a jilted spouse to sue the interloper– in this case, Moore–because the law rightfully presumes that a spouse who has been wronged in this manner is hurt in a number of tangible ways.

While we must refer to this as an allegation, I don’t know of many husbands who falsely accuse other men over such matters. When this type of open admission is made– that one’s wife has been stolen away– it seems likely to be truthful.

But if this allegation is true, it explains a great deal.

Ever since Moore assumed the speakership eight years ago, the North Carolina House Republican caucus has shifted leftward. It is very difficult to recall the conservative outcomes that are being delivered– particularly on social and cultural issues.

Participating in adulterous affairs is an indicator of character— or more precisely, of a lack thereof. And the work product of the NC House during recent years has been nearly bereft of character. It seems there is little coincidence.

I don’t know how Moore can continue in his current office under these circumstances.

Update: Moore is denying the allegations. We shall see.


2 thoughts on “Speaker Moore’s Adultery Lawsuit

  1. It will be, of course, up to the House Membership whether or not Moore retains his Speakership.

    What is painfully clear … Tim has got a zipper problem.

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