Biden’s Announcement Regarding Mandy Cohen Appointment to Lead CDC

The White House:

Dr. Cohen is one of the nation’s top physicians and health leaders with experience leading large and complex organizations, and a proven track-record protecting Americans’ health and safety.

As Secretary of North Carolina’s Department of Health and Human Services, Dr. Cohen developed innovative and nationally recognized programs that improved the health and lives of families across the state. Her leadership through the COVID-19 crisis drew bipartisan praise, as did her successful transformation of North Carolina’s Medicaid program and pivotal role in the bipartisan passage of Medicaid expansion…

Dr. Cohen has been recognized by leaders from both parties for her ability find common ground and put complex policy into action. 

The statement that she is “one of the nation’s top physicians” is egregiously false. In fact, precisely the contrary is true. She has minimal clinical experience; and her leadership in North Carolina revealed how little she knew about the proper ethics and best practices for the field of public health. She was also repeatedly wrong on “the science”. The brazenness of Biden’s prevarication on this point is fairly breathtaking.

Her appointment is yet another example of Biden appointing progressive/socialist Jewish Americans to key positions within his administration. There are numerous other examples.

Biden’s release, however, is truthful on the point that North Carolina Republicans in Raleigh fell in love with Mandy because she embraced and advanced their cherished Medicaid reform. (Of course, they then proceeded to expand Medicaid under Obamacare.) These Republicans did virtually nothing while she locked down the entire state, and took away our constitutional rights and civil liberties. And they unwittingly facilitated her career advancement to lead the CDC by demonstrating how well she worked on a “bipartisan” basis.

The mere idea that Cohen could be appointed as CDC director is an indicator that we live in a profoundly fallen world that can be very unfair. One hopes she has little opportunity to do further damage. At the CDC, her mistakes can hurt hundreds of millions of people.


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  1. She is an empty white coat. Hopefully Cohen and Biden will be on dust bin of history come January 20, 2024 .

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