Jack Posobiec on the Dodger Stadium Protest

The first 10 minutes of this video provides remarkable footage of the Dodger Stadium protest which Jack Posobiec helped lead. The protest was Catholic for the most part which is understandable given the fact that Catholics were most directly targeted by the Dodgers organization. But Posobiec reveals the protest was also heavily Hispanic. He points out that the western Christian church has ceded the public square on these kinds of issues, and that we need to engage increasingly in this manner:


2 thoughts on “Jack Posobiec on the Dodger Stadium Protest

    1. Yes, Fred. You don’t have to be Catholic to appreciate what he did at Dodger Stadium. It was not only a public display of faith. It was open defiance of the cultural Marxist, woke corporate class and the LGBTQ juggernaut. And it was standing up for one’s faith– and for Jesus Christ.

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