Tillis Overwhelmingly Censured at GOP State Convention; Election for State Chairman in Question

First, the good news.

The North Carolina GOP convention yesterday voted in overwhelming numbers to censure Senator Thom Tillis. It was reported that a 2/3 majority was required to pass such a censure measure, but the Daily Haymaker says that the vote was nearly 3-to-1 in favor.

This censure was richly deserved. In fact, he deserves far worse, and ought to be removed from office.

Second, the vote for state chairman is a matter of contention. John Kane, the conservative in the race, reportedly lost, but there are major questions about the manner in which the vote was taken. The state party used a cellphone app to handle the vote– which is probably one of the more stupid moves we have seen in recent years– and it apparently worked very poorly. Some suspect it was intended to enable fraud.

One good question is how that Tillis vote was so lop-sided in favor of censure, yet the establishment won the chairman’s race. Those two results seem incompatible with each other. As I have pointed out previously, had Kane won, they would have done everything they could to undermine him.


4 thoughts on “Tillis Overwhelmingly Censured at GOP State Convention; Election for State Chairman in Question

  1. Vote fraud at the GOP convention ! Maybe the establishment took lessons from the Democrats.

  2. I remember how a so-called “independent conservative” group in Greensboro managed to stack the political deck in order to make sure that Tillis would get the group’s endorsement………

    1. Hi, Bob. Great to hear from you, and I appreciate your continuing to visit. Hope things are going well up in Ohio.

      Yes, that incident did happen, unfortunately. It was a mistake.

      You might be interested to learn a bit of a twist with the election for the chairman of the NC GOP, in case you did not know. I learned yesterday over at the Haymaker that Trump had endorsed the establishment guy– Whatley (a Tillis ally)– instead of the conservative Kane. That might have influenced the results. Trump has endorsed establishment guys many times before, as you know.

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