More Mandy: Our New CDC Director

Wrong about nearly everything:


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  1. Memo to Mandy:

    From City Journal..

    “The gold standard for medical evidence is the randomized clinical trial, and the gold standard for analyzing this evidence is Cochrane (formerly the Cochrane Collaboration), the world’s largest and most respected organization for evaluating health interventions. Funded by the National Institutes of Health and other nations’ health agencies, it’s an international network of reviewers, based in London, that has partnerships with the WHO and Wikipedia. Medical journals have hailed it for being “the best single resource for methodologic research” and for being “recognized worldwide as the highest standard in evidence-based healthcare.”

    It has published a new Cochrane review of the literature on masks, including trials during the Covid-19 pandemic in hospitals and in community settings. The 15 trials compared outcomes of wearing of surgical masks versus wearing no masks, and also versus N95 masks. The review, conducted by a dozen researchers from six countries, concludes that wearing any kind of face covering “probably makes little or no difference” in reducing the spread of respiratory illness. “

  2. I am not making this up:

    “White House Sends Out Guidance Mandating Face Masks and Social Distancing for the Unvaccinated

    BY RICK MORAN 9:14 AM ON JUNE 11, 2023

    On Monday, the White House will host NCAA men’s and women’s national championship teams from Divisions I, II, and III to “College Athlete Day” to celebrate their victories.

    Prior to the event, the White House sent out an email invitation to members of Congress requesting their attendance at the event and some additional logistical information. And they included some helpful “guidance” about specific protocols. Among them: All unvaccinated guests were to wear masks and practice social distancing.


    “Masking Guidance: Fully vaccinated guests are not required to wear a mask on the White House grounds,” the email states [bold font in original email]. “Guests who are not fully vaccinated must wear a mask at all times and maintain at least 6 feet distance from others while on the White House grounds.“

    When queried by Fox News, the White House claimed the guidance was “out of date” and that they were planning to send out “updated guidance” prior to Monday’s event.

    Don’t these guys talk to their own scientists? Masks don’t stop the spread of COVID. Vaccinations don’t stop people from getting infected. Social distancing is of marginal effectiveness for those under 60 years old.

    The White House email comes as hospitals and other health care facilities increasingly discard their masking rules with COVID becoming a smaller presence for most Americans in daily life.

    Meanwhile, experts have been calling into question the efficacy of face masks. A recent study published by the prestigious Cochrane Library, which is funded by the National Institutes of Health, dug into the findings of 78 randomized controlled trials to determine whether “physical interventions” — including face masks and hand-washing — lessened the spread of respiratory viruses.

    The conclusion about masks undercuts the scientific basis for masking, according to the study’s lead author.

    I don’t think that the White House made a mistake in sending out guidance that included the requirement that the unvaccinated be masked up. I think there is still a faction in the United States government that won’t ever admit they were wrong about masking and the ability of vaccinations to stop the spread of COVID-19. Despite mountains of scientific evidence to the contrary, they will go to their grave believing in the efficacy of masks. And while the vaccines were shown to substantially reduce hospitalizations and death from COVID, it was never even tested for their ability to prevent infections.

    Will anyone ever hold them accountable — especially Joe Biden?

    Biden previously attacked those unvaccinated against COVID for not doing the “right thing” and “costing all of us.” He accused them of causing “a lot of damage” by “making people sick and causing… people to die” and standing in the way of “getting back to normal.”

    When announcing his vaccine mandates last year, Biden warned those hesitant to receive the vaccination: “We’ve been patient, but our patience is wearing thin.”

    Biden signed a bill in April that terminated much of the “special authority” the government said it had during the emergency. Someone in the White House didn’t get the word. “

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