Dan Bishop of NC: : “A Career-Defining Vote”

He speaks eloquently against the charade of a debt ceiling deal negotiated by his fellow NC Republican congressman, Pat McHenry:


2 thoughts on “Dan Bishop of NC: : “A Career-Defining Vote”

  1. Dan Bishop is truly a courageous patriot and his speech was worth watching.

    Congressman Chip Roy is also an outspoken opponent of this bill. He claims that McCarthy’s team had told him that the GOP-controlled Rules panel would not advance a bill “without unanimous Republican votes,” though he offered no evidence of that agreement with the speaker, and McCarthy allies have publicly questioned his assertion.

    There have been rumblings of evoking a House rule whereby only one member of Congress — Democrat or Republican — is needed to bring a “motion to vacate,” which forces a vote on removing the speaker. That would need only a simple majority of the House to pass to oust McCarthy.

    I say go for it if that kills the bill. A good hill to die on.

    1. It is remarkable to witness the brazenness of McCarthy and McHenry trying to offer this deal as a favorable option for conservatives. The general public will have little idea what is going on because the corrupt media will whitewash the concerns regarding debt.

      I agree McCarthy needs to be ousted if he pushes this through to passage.

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