How They Think and Talk Among Themselves

This is someone at Duke who deals with schools, clinicians, children and families pushing gender transitions (HT: NC Education Alliance):


3 thoughts on “How They Think and Talk Among Themselves

  1. What a sick, sick, puppy !! I have a surgery for him and it ain’t pretty.

    1. This is really an illustration of the culture divide, Fred. There is a large group of people among us for whom this type of discourse would be regarded as completely reasonable and justifiable. Of course, people are terribly confused and misled because of the evil around us and because of Satan himself.

      But we need to be very concerned that our academic medical centers– especially an “elite” institution like Duke– have been so thoroughly captured in this manner.

  2. This article exceeded my expectations in every way. It’s well-written, thoroughly researched, and covers all aspects of the topic. The author’s passion for the subject is contagious, and it has left me feeling inspired and motivated. Thank you for sharing such an exceptional piece!

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