5 thoughts on “Now, It’s Agenda 2030

  1. I would like to thank all of the limp wristers who ran for office 8-10 years ago that pandered to a small percentage of their base with Agenda 21 rhetoric and once elected didn’t dare utter the name Agenda 21 again. After all, EVERY conversation we are having now can be traced back to this “conspiracy theory”. Here’s to all the limp wristers….cheers.

    Your post concerning the power grid can certainly be better understood when you begin to understand Agenda 21 as well.

    Thanks for the post, TC

    1. Great points, Tommy. The Republicans did not do much to stop this. Instead, many of them took campaign donations from solar and wind companies and then pushed those types of energy with subsidies. In fact, that happened right here in North Carolina.

    1. Fred,
      Thanks for posting. A comment on the video reminded the viewers……Agenda 21-2030 is The Great (you will own nothing and be happy/you will eat z bugs) Reset.

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