3 thoughts on “Durham Report: Get Rid of the FBI

  1. Since the prospect of our corrupt administration and Justice Department prosecuting any of the crimes in Durham’s report is nil to nothing, the House must use the only tool it has left to straighten out this corrupt government: the power of the purse. It could begin by trimming the FBI’s budget and requiring all sorts of checks and balances on the items it approves. It could force OPM and the FBI to deny paying taxpayers funds in the form of an annuity to disgraced and corrupt Andy McCabe. (The Department reinstated him when he threatened to go to court.)

    Durham appears to have done his homework here by nailing down the individual wrong acts by stating the source of information and records that verify them. The usual nonsense voiced by the WH spokesliar and the Big Guy himself will no longer pass the laugh test. The end result is that to save what’s left of their worthless skin, they will have to double down on the FBI as the ultimate antagonist here responsible not only for the hidden conspiracies now revealed in all their glorious details, but also for having hoodwinked so many otherwise venerable and trustworthy people, including those venerable and trustworthy people aligned with the left. If this comes to pass, it will be easier for the House to have dem support for cleaning house and defunding the corrupt and evil FBI.

    1. Great comments, Fred, from someone who spent his career within the DOJ.

      One of the things Durham did was to establish that Obama and Biden were both part of the “con” when it initially developed 6-7 years ago during the second term of the Obama Administration. They became aware that Hillary was planting this false story. Biden can claim innocence, and blame it on the FBI, but a rigorous review might reveal he was part of the organized crime gang from the outset.

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