Federal Government Warns About Failing Reliability of Electricity

There is a relatively unknown federal agency called “FERC” (i.e., the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) that is relatively independent, and that exists in part because of the interstate transmission of electricity. Power is generated in one state and then transmitted across state lines; so the federal government gets involved.

It turns out that FERC studies the reliability of our supply of electricity. Just over a week ago, during a U.S. Senate hearing, commissioners within this agency– appointed by both Democratic and Republican presidents– warned that we are facing a “catastrophic reliability failure” because of several factors including the transition to green energy, retiring coal plants and insufficient natural gas pipelines.

Check out this article by Robert Bryce that gives the details. (HT: Fred)

The article points out, among other things, that this situation is aggravated severely by the fact that Biden now wants to place additional draconian controls on power plants that emit carbon dioxide. We had reported about that here a couple of days ago. That will cause plants to shut down and electricity prices to skyrocket.

All of these circumstances create a recipe for declining living standards for American citizens and increased poverty.


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    1. I agree, Fred. But it goes beyond that because electricity influences folks’ overall well-being. It helps people be more productive. And it creates the conditions for the overall economy to be more productive. All those things take a hit when electricity is not available. Think about the implications if power outages were to be systematically or frequently a problem.

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