New Biden EPA Plan to Cause Electric Prices to Be Five Times Higher

Michael Regan is Biden’s EPA Administrator. He used to serve in a comparable role here in the state of North Carolina. When Biden appointed him a couple of years ago, Regan was somewhat of an object of celebration in the regional media/left complex because he is a progressive/ socialist black guy from North Carolina who scored a major federal leadership role.

Since then, he completely bungled the response to the chemical rail disaster in East Palestine, Ohio for which he was directly responsible. And now, he has rolled out a plan that requires power plants nationwide to cut carbon dioxide emissions drastically by 2030.

Dave Walsh on Steven Bannon’s program says this will make electricity much less reliable; and will increase electricity rates by a factor of five. People tend to take for granted reasonably reliable electricity at costs that are affordable for large numbers of people. Walsh points out that some parts of the country already have reduced reliability– and he mentions specifically the Christmas power outages in the Carolina’s five months ago. Later, Bannon during his show relates higher energy prices to our country’s rapidly deteriorating macro-economic picture that includes inflation, debt, dollar devaluation and the loss of reserve currency status. Check out Walsh’s comments:


2 thoughts on “New Biden EPA Plan to Cause Electric Prices to Be Five Times Higher

  1. Make no mistake about it, Biden’s goal is to drastically curtail the power available to us and eliminate personal vehicles altogether. Unless this is stopped we will leave our children a dark, cold and diminished America—for no good reason.

    (** I had technical difficulties with the video after 5 minutes )

    1. I agree, Fred. Biden has completely sold out to the green lobby and the green fanatics. And people are going to get hurt by this in a huge way in terms of reduced standard of living and increased poverty.

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