Walmart Uses Deena Hayes’ Racial Grievance Firm

Long-term readers will be familiar with the fact that Deena Hayes– the chairwoman of the Guilford County school board– is a race-baiter who has undermined efforts to maintain order in the schools and to discipline wrongdoers. This has created poor learning conditions in many classrooms, and very difficult work conditions for teachers.

Readers will also be familiar with the fact that Ms. Hayes’ “real job” has been to run a firm based here in Greensboro that teaches racial grievance classes that corporations force upon their employees. We had previously revealed that Cone Health is one of her customers.

Now, the Daily Haymaker reports that Walmart— a major national economic player– is another customer. It purchased the services her firm offers to push off on the public schools in Arkansas.

Another article in City Journal reveals this relationship dates back to at least 2018, and that the department store chain forces this training on its own employees also.

We ought to be proud, I suppose. A big company like Walmart is using one of our home-grown firms right here in Greensboro.



4 thoughts on “Walmart Uses Deena Hayes’ Racial Grievance Firm

  1. Walmart is all in on ESG.. so it is not surprising that they using Hayes’ victims/oppressors training classes.

    From their website:

    Environmental, Social & Governance Reporting

    We aspire to become a regenerative company – helping to renew people and planet through our business.

    Shared value – addressing societal issues in ways that create value for our business and stakeholders – lies at the heart of Walmart’s enterprise strategy and our approach to ESG issues.

    We prioritize the ESG issues that offer the greatest potential for Walmart to create shared value. Based on our most recent ESG priority assessment, we have organized our ESG priorities into four leadership themes represented below: Opportunity, Sustainability, Community, and Ethics & Integrity.

      1. We can vote with our feet. Don’t patronize these places. Anheuser-Busch has had to learn that lesson the hard way.

        1. I agree, Lynn. I have links on the right side of this blog page to the 1792 Exchange and We Boycott, both of which provide information regarding which corporations are most/least woke. Or even better, buy local when that is a good choice.

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