RFK, Jr., Trump and the Lockdowns

RFK, Jr. announced his presidential bid this week. He gave a very lengthy speech. One of the topics he covered was Trump’s mishandling of the pandemic and the lockdowns. This is, of course, Trump’s achilles heel. One could argue that he was in a no-win situation– and he was— but when faced with tough choices, the best policy is to do the right thing.

RFK, Jr. made many mistakes as a young man. He has emerged as a truth-teller on a number of issues, and is one of the heroes of the pandemic. I would never vote for him. But it is good that he is challenging Biden.

If Biden decides not to run, I wonder if we will be stuck with Gavin Newsome:


2 thoughts on “RFK, Jr., Trump and the Lockdowns

  1. I suspect that Biden will run and that it will be a rematch of 2020.

    If the Dems have debates that is where Kennedy can underscore Biden’s warts.

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