“Medical Murder”

Gail Macrae is interviewed in the video below. She is a nurse/ nurse practitioner who provided hospital care during the first half of the Covid pandemic. She discusses many of the ways that the corrupt hospital systems hurt people with their harmful, deficient treatment protocols that were driven in large part by governmental payment incentives; and also with their pushing the vaccine on their employees and the general public. At one point, she describes how vaccines were being administered on the ground floor of the hospital where she worked, and how “Code Blues” were repeatedly being called to that location. Ms. Macrae is part of an e-mail listserv of which I am also part. I had heard many similar stories from fellow members of the North Carolina Physicians for Freedom. Everything she describes also took place at all the major hospitals in the Piedmont Triad:


2 thoughts on ““Medical Murder”

  1. I watched the entire video. Her story is very interesting. This lady is standing firm and demonstrating courage. It seems criminal that the protocols remain unchanged in spite of evidence like this.

    1. I have seen the term “moral injury” to describe what happens to health professionals when they are forced to handle matters in a way that violates their ethics and morals. This woman experienced moral injury. And you are right– the hospital administrators are criminals.

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