Evangelicalism Shifting Further Left

Megan Basham is a journalist who has done work for World Magazine, the Daily Wire and First Things. She has put together a brilliant, outstanding video in which she shares her own testimony, but more importantly in which she scrutinizes the contemporary Evangelical church. She discusses both the Southern Baptist Convention and the National Association of Evangelicals. Among the figures she examines are JD Greear, Russell Moore, Rick Warren and Tim Keller. The overall picture she presents is of the wholesale adoption of progressive/socialist agenda items within the church. (In some respects, it makes evangelicalism appear quite similar to liberal mainline Protestantism, although it should not be.) She has some interesting comments about a couple of institutions– Christianity Today and Wheaton College– in which Billy Graham had once played a huge role. I encourage you to view this in its entirety, if you can, in order to appreciate the junk that has been adopted and disseminated within evangelical circles. We can only fix the problem if we understand it:


2 thoughts on “Evangelicalism Shifting Further Left

  1. What a wonderful story. Her redemption is beautiful and a very powerful message.

    Let’s hope there are more saints than dupes. We need a Christian culture . Will we get it ? Evangelical pastors please don’t abandon the true word of the Gospel.

    1. Thanks, Fred. Yes, it is a great story. I think some of the risk is among evangelical leaders– leaders of denominations and national organizations and educational institutions, and of course faculty within those institutions. Of course, this filters down to the local pastor in various ways at times.

      We really need some clear thinking. Some of these folks have proven themselves to be weak and gullible and unwise. And some are closeted leftists.

      The problem is that leftism is incompatible with Biblical Christianity and the Gospel.

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