Ukraine War Leaks

There was much chatter over the last week regarding the leak of NATO/ defense information that suggested Ukraine’s defenses are in much worse shape than has been openly admitted.

But there is more. Seymour Hersh is now reporting that Zelensky and his crowd embezzled $400 million of the monies the United States has sent to Ukraine; and have been using the monies to buy luxury cars. In addition, he reports they have been buying fuel from Russia at prices up to $400 per gallon; selling arms to private dealers in other countries to obtain kickbacks; and also paying inflated prices for food to enable more skimming off of money.

Hersh also reports that the Biden Administration is quietly preparing to end the conflict and negotiate a treaty with Russia.

In addition, Hersh says Biden’s bombing of Russia’s Nordstream pipeline has created a rift within at least parts of the US intelligence community that were not part of the initial planning.

It had previously been reported that the Jewish Zelensky tucked away tens of millions offshore that he received from the Ukrainian Jewish oligarch Kolomoisky (who had looted billions from the country).

Overall, the Russia-Ukraine War has not been a “good look” for the Biden Administration and the United States, in part because we had instigated it by orchestrating the coup that took place there nine years ago, having deposed a ruler aligned with Russia.


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  1. I have previously said , in so many words, what Hersh is now reporting.

    Time to end our proxy war.

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