The Trump Indictment

There has already been much commentary elsewhere. But there are a few things to point out:

  1. It is pretty clear to me that this was coordinated and/or orchestrated at a much higher level than the Manhattan DA’s office. We need to remember FDR’s quote that nothing in politics happens by accident, and that you can bet it was planned. The three potential indictments of Trump previously floated– for election-related issues in Georgia, for the classified documents, and for the Stormy Daniels payoff– have been percolating for a while, and it was clear Trump’s opponents at very high levels wanted this to happen.
  2. We do not need to assert that Trump is perfect or that he is the equivalent of a deity. He is not. That does not mean that the socialists’ actions are justified.
  3. The socialists hit hard. They play to win. They lust power; and will do anything to acquire it and to keep it. The only way for their opposition to remain viable is to hit back hard– and to hit back repeatedly. The realization needs to be that this is a battle between good and evil. Witnessing the events of the last several years elucidates the path of destruction the forces of evil are leaving in their wake. Accordingly, many feel we are witnessing America’s demise. The socialists’ opponents genuinely need to advocate for what is good; and they need to discontinue the practice of exclusively playing defense. It is very difficult to win when you only play defense.
  4. Many are focusing on Alvin Bragg– the black Manhattan DA. But an interesting story at Zero Hedge relates that the real driving force in that office behind the prosecution is a female attorney named Meg Reiss. And– surprise, surprise– it turns out that the Reiss surname is Jewish. That is a reminder that much of the anti-Trump vitriol and opposition has originated within the nation’s progressive/socialist Jewish community. They deeply resent his opposition to open borders and globalism– even though he was not able to produce permanent changes during his term as president.
  5. And finally, Andrew Torba reminds us that we need to learn once again to hate evil, and begin waging spiritual warfare against it. He gives the scriptural basis for taking this position. Whether or not we like it, spiritual warfare is being waged against us.

4 thoughts on “The Trump Indictment

  1. Yes, a lots and lots has been said about this purely political indictment.

    Lots of learned lawyers have said the case is very, very weak and has been trashed by the FEC and DOJ.

    Here is what my friends at Power Line had to say:



    “The Democratic Party is making war on Republicans, conservatives, and America. All rules have been abrogated, all traditions trashed, all sense of fairness gone. It is past time for conservatives to quit being nice guys. The Democrats’ assault can be stopped only by a healthy dose of their own medicine.

    Let’s start investigating prominent Democrats with an eye toward bringing criminal charges against them. Most of America’s district attorneys, those that have a political affiliation, are no doubt Republicans. Likewise, most attorneys general are Republicans. They all should think about Democrats who can be charged in their jurisdictions.

    The Biden crime family is an obvious target. The evidence on Hunter Biden’s laptop shows that he spends (or spent) most of his time communicating with pimps and drug dealers to arrange purchases of prostitutes and illegal drugs. He did this across the country, and his activities are already documented. There are many counties in which criminal charges could be brought against him. Then we have the other Bidens, including Jim and Hallie. As I understand it, criminal charges against Joe can’t be pursued until he is out of office, but all of the other members of the crime family are exposed.

    But that’s not all. Many Democratic senators mysteriously become rich in office. How do they do it? Possible answers include outright bribes and sweetheart deals which they are offered by business or organized crime groups seeking political influence. This should be looked into. Has Chuck Schumer engaged in shady financial dealings? Let’s find out. We know that Nancy Pelosi was vastly enriched during her term as Speaker of the House. How did that happen? What other Democrats have shown extraordinary increases in net worth while working for public employee salaries? Let’s investigate them.

    My guess is that there is a lot of scuttlebutt in Washington about how Democrats have gotten wealthy. That said, there are a couple of obvious obstacles to prosecutions: the statute of limitations must be taken into account, and the Democrats’ crimes probably are concentrated in urban precincts that they control. But the United States includes 50 states and many, many counties. Republican law enforcement officials at all levels should be looking for evidence of illegal conduct by Democrats and empaneling grand juries to investigate whatever they uncover.

    Any prosecutions they bring will be more meritorious than Alvin Bragg’s ridiculous pursuit of Donald Trump. The time has come to fight fire with fire. The Democrats have let slip the dogs of war. Let’s bite back.”

    1. Precisely, Fred. And I think it can go beyond what Hinderaker suggests in some respects. This evil crowd needs to be brought to accountability in other ways; and they need to be fought on multiple levels.

    1. I agree, Lynn. But I think it can be taken one step further.

      Yes, we need to go after the socialists when they break the law for their own enrichment. But we also need to go after them when they commit malfeasance and misfeasance in the course of their duties as public officials. We need to go after them when they violate the nation’s highest law– the Constitution– and when they violate their oath of office.

      They offer great amounts of material with which to work if only these State Attorneys General and District Attorneys would begin this process.

      But I seem to recall citizens also can use the courts to go after them…

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