Congresswomen Manning, Adams Defend Transgender Agenda in Schools

A McClatchy article published at makes it clear who is going rogue when GOP legislation attempts to right the ship:

(Congresswoman Kathy) Manning told the committee schools have real problems that need to be addressed and would be better served if the committee spent time focusing on those issues.

“We should support our students and our parents and we should make sure our students have the tools and resources to succeed in school, to learn to read competently, to understand history, math, science, social students, to become critical thinkers and problem solvers to they can become productive and fulfilled members of society,” she said.

Manning said the committee should be focused on those issues, “instead of focusing on which material extreme politicians believe should be stricken from the classroom, or extra burdens that should be put on teachers and administrators by forcing them to share lists of every book in the school library.”

That is a fairly artful way of opposing an effort to bring accountability when the schools promote the LGBT agenda.

(Congresswoman Alma) Adams said the “barely one-page bill” does nothing to advance, enrich or uplift girls and women in sports.

“Anti-trans proposals like HR 734 do nothing but attempt to bully and put targets on the backs of transgender girls and attempts to limit their opportunities,” Adams said.

These women representing parts of North Carolina in Congress are shameful. They deflect from the real issues caused by the culture warriors on their side.


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