Hypocrites on the Greensboro City Council

Those of us in Greensboro reside in a blue city. The city council is overwhelmingly democratic socialist.

The progressive/socialist left hawking the green agenda wants people to abandon their cars and find another way to live and get around. They want us to no longer reside in single houses, but instead settle for smaller living spaces in multifamily units close to mass transit. The green agenda to deal with climate change makes these changes imperative.

But in Greensboro, the socialists are different. They give people who qualify forgivable loans to help them buy single houses. They show up to cheer the grand opening of the final portion of the Urban Loop at a ceremony held right on the highway. And now, they are giving favored populations a break on their property taxes after they had raised these taxes dramatically within the last year or two.

They want to make property taxes more progressive. Those with an income below a certain cut-off get a huge break on their property taxes. Everyone else has to pay the full amount.

Of course, giving people forgivable loans to buy single homes, and then giving them a break on their property taxes, are not climate-friendly policies. Cheering the opening of the Urban Loop is not climate-friendly. They are taking the “Green” out of Greensboro.

But these people are not terribly smart; and it is unreasonable to expect that they might behave in an ideologically consistent fashion. The bottom line in Greensboro continues to be race-based identity politics and machine politics. To the victor goes the spoils.


2 thoughts on “Hypocrites on the Greensboro City Council

  1. The folks that run the Peoples Republic of Greensboro better be careful lest the house of cards collapses.

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