Duke University Joins the Fight Against Parents’ Bill of Rights

It is not uncommon these days for elite universities to jump on the transgender bandwagon. We have seen this at Harvard and Vanderbilt, for instance.

We are also seeing this at Duke.

Check out this article on the Duke website (HT: DL). Several of the university’s “experts” are actively opposing some legislation proposed by Republicans in the General Assembly. And the legislation is very mild. For instance, one would allow instruction regarding sexual orientation and gender identity after the fourth grade.

There is plenty of loosey-goosey nonsense to skim. What is striking is that they are using transgender treatments to treat and prevent depression. Until the recent past, the field of psychiatry was dedicated to help those who are unable to test reality accurately by correcting that condition. For instance, those with hallucinations and delusions are treated with anti-psychotic medication. Depression is treated with medication and psychotherapy.

Now, some advocate using hormone treatments– and surgical treatments altering sexual organs– to treat the depression and the inability to test reality.

The “experts” cited do not address the fact that the incidence of transgenderism has increased because of social media influences, peer suggestion and– on occasion– misguided parents who nudge their kids in this direction from an early age. A rigorous review of the literature would likely demonstrate that the statements they make are not supported, for the most part.

Recall that Duke University was wrong about nearly everything on the matter of Covid-19.

This is a university that once had a stellar academic reputation. Now, it is trash.


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  1. Dook has sadly succumbed to the trans culture . It is private but I think still subject to the laws of NC.

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